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New England Stairlifts – Boston Walk-In Bath  is a New England family owned business that provides a superior line of walk-in tubs ideal for seniors, people with limited mobility and people with disabilities. We stand behind our product and work with a limited lifetime warranty on all our tub models.

All of our Walk In Tubs are designed to enable the user to easily step into the tub without having to raise their foot more than 6” from the floor. They can easily close the door and seat themselves on the ADA Compliant 17” height seat. At this point, they are able to disrobe in a safer, more manageable and convenient location. With the tub door closed, the user can choose to fill the tub with water and take a bath. Alternatively, they may also use the adjustable hand held shower head that is provided, if a sit down shower is desired.

Bathing is usually the first daily activity that becomes difficult for many seniors, a walk-in tub is the perfect solution to help you regain your independence. A warm bath is recommended for people with pain, arthritis, circulation and mobility issues, stress and other debilitating conditions.

Fast Installation

Our tubs are easily installed in an average of two days!
We provide with the following items during installation:

We begin the installation process by carefully removing your existing tub. When we’re finished, you have a handsome new tub that not only provides an enjoyable bathing experience, but can also refresh the entire look of your bathroom!

How to choose the correct one for you:

All our tub products are constructed with a high quality 3 gel-coat marine fiberglass shell with excellent color uniformity and 6 adjustable stainless steel legs on a stainless steel frame. We offer 16 different sizes, including wheelchair accessible tubs and shower replacement tubs since one size doesn’t fit all.

Every model comes standard with numerous safety features:

Our walk-in bathtubs also come with different hydrotherapy options: custom 10 heated hydro therapy whirlpool jets; 18 air massage system; and the dual massage system. By choosing different options, every customer can tailor their walk in bath to suit their needs.

Please spend some time learning more about our Walk In Tubs solutions, and then give us a call so we can help you select the perfect tub that fits your lifestyle.


Spacious walk-in tub
Length 55” x Width 30” x Height 36″



Our best selling model is here!
Length 52” x Width 30” x Height 40″



Full size soaking depth in a smaller tub
Length 48” x Width 29” x Height 39″


The Charles

Walk-In Tub for smaller spaces
Length 45” x Width 26” x Height 40″



For new construction where size is needed
Length 60” x Width 32” x Height 46″



Walk-in Tub design for people over 6’ tall
Length 55” x Width 31” x Height 46″



Our Wheelchair Tub
Length 52” x Width 30” x Height 40″ and

Length 52” x Width 32” x Height 40″


Ideal solution for a quick installation
Length 53” x Width 26” x Height 36″



Walk-In Tub perfect for a smaller client
Length 54” x Width 32” x Height 36″



Our Shower Replacement Tub
Length 38” x Width 32” x Height 39″


Before and After