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FOR MASSACHUSETTS and CONNECTICUT RESIDENTS ONLY: We are a preferred vendor for 2 different State Funding programs for all of our products


An alternative private funding program that gives people access to low interest loans to purchase equipment, which they need to live more independently.

The Loan Program offers special consumer loans with low interest rates. The program offers better interest rates than a traditional bank loan. The goal of this funding option is to help people live as full and independent lives as possible, right in their own communities.

Who is Eligible?

Any Massachusetts resident who has a disability or is an elder and needs assistive technology is eligible for the program. Family members or friends may apply on behalf of someone else (including underage children), as long as the requested device is for use by the elder or person with a disability.

How to Apply

Individuals may apply for services and assessments by contacting their regional Health and Human Services provider who will conduct an intake assessment. please contact us, (781) 229 0072, to find the agency close to your home.


A program of the Massachusetts Commission has a 0% interest loan for home modification to help any home-owner who is a frail elder or has a disability or to a household member who has a disability. The modifications to be made to the residence must be necessary to allow the beneficiary to remain in the home.

Based on the income guidelines, the $3,000 up to $30,000 loan can go to a household where their income is below $75,000.

The funding of low or non-interest, no-fees and no-payment loans help with these expenses. It is meant to help any home-owner who is a frail elder or has a disability and/or a household member who has a disability.

How does it work?

The state-funded Home Modification Loan Program provides loans to make modifications to the primary, permanent residence of elders, adults with disabilities, and families with children with disabilities. Such modifications allow people to remain in their homes and live more independently in their communities.

Who is Eligible?

Any homeowner, who is a frail elder or has a disability, has a household member who has a disability, or rents to an individual with a disability may apply for this loan. The residence’s owner must apply for the loan.

How Do I Apply?

There are six agencies throughout the state that administer the program. Applicants should contact the provider in their region. To find out which provider will handle your inquiry, please contact us, (781) 229 0072, and we will redirect your request.

MRC Sucess Stories

This customer received the benefits of the MRC program to purchase an outdoor stairlift, indoor stairlift and a walk-in tub. The nice couple would like to age in place, where they’ve been living for 30 years. They can now live in their house and not worry about going up and down the stairs and once again enjoy bathing with the walk-in tub.

Another successful MRC story. Mrs. Corley would like to age in place, so she used the MRC program to purchase a indoor stairlift so she could keep doing her own laundry. She also used the program to purchase a walk-in tub in which she can safely enjoy the benefits of the water therapy.

Mr. Rood wanted to make sure his wife was not in danger while stepping in and out of a slippery and outdated tub. He benefited from the MRC program by quickly getting her a safe Walk-in Tub from us. The MRC program and our superior service provide not only safety, but priceless peace of mind for loved ones.