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New England Stairlifts – Boston Walk-In Bath is New England’s leading distributor of mobility solutions and disability equipment and has built a reputation for superior customer service by following a simple formula: provide quality products at an affordable price.

New England Stairlifts – Boston Walk-In Bath started its humble beginnings with its owner Bob at the helm, having learned the full scope of the business by working for his competitors. He gained a keen understanding of what worked, what didn’t…and most importantly, found a way to change those details that shouted a need for improvement such as service, product upgrade and no high pressure selling tactics.

With that deep desire and the knowledge to improve the product, he set out to create his vision of the way things “should be done”. Bob forged ahead and quickly became one of the leading innovators in the walk-in tub market, by instituting real water therapy as an option, unlike his competitors who use “air bubbles” only. He set the path that has made Boston Walk-in Bath one of the most trusted, family owned businesses in the Walk-in Tub industry today.

Our Stairlift business started after Acorn Company contacted us to distribute their stairlifts in the Boston area. Now we are the largest stocking distributor in New England. We can deliver and install faster than our competitors. Our installers are a part of our team!

Now, New England Stairlifts – Boston Walk-In Bath carries a variety of home medical equipment to help people stay at home longer.



New England Stairlifts – Boston Walk-In Bath

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